21 thoughts on “Courtyard -Boston Public Library

  1. Emilio Pasquale

    Love the architecture.Unbeknownst to many- including most adults who actually live here- Las Vegas has several public libraries. But the architecture is sadly lacking in imagination.

  2. mdhoffmannphoto

    Hey, I just want to apologize for my silly comment – please remove it! I know shouldn’t try to be amusing with folk’s carefully considered images – except my own. Maybe too much coffee. Again my apologies!

      1. mdhoffmannphoto

        Thanks! I feel better now! I’m glad you didn’t take offence, but I will make sure to be more careful with future comments on any blogs. Btw – Light-hearted comments are welcome on my site!

  3. reocochran

    Wow, what an original and creative choice of scenery, Chris! Your compliment about my instinct to take a long and winding road was extra nice, thank you! (barn on a curve) 🙂

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