Monthly Archives: February 2017

What a Difference A Week Makes

A week ago, I was out on the ice making photos of the fishing derby. After a week of warm temperatures, including 70F/20C degree days, all of those ice fishing shacks are off the lake and my wife and I took our bikes for a ride on Plum Island. Plum Island is a barrier island on the Massachusetts coast. Half has high-end beach shacks and the other half is a wildlife refuge. We road through both and enjoyed a picnic lunch by the sea.

Sledding Party

One of the other events from our little town’s Winter Carnival was a sledding party. The town closed down part of one of the streets that has a huge hill and they dumped snow from a nearby school parking lot onto the road and patted it down. This required some rather large equipment. Then families lined up to sled (and snowboard) down the hill. By the next morning, the town had cleared the snow away again.

Ice Fishing Derby – Part II

This represents the rest of my images from last weeks Ice Fishing Derby. I happen to be passing by when this girl pulled a pickerel (fish) up through the ice. She was so proud. The temperatures have gone way up since Sunday, I have no idea how good the ice is now.

Ice Fishing Derby – Part 1

Last weekend was the annual Ice Fishing Derby in our little town. Actually, they had a three-day Winter Festival and the derby was part of it. It was the warmest derby that I have been to. It was nice not to freeze, but not many people drove their trucks out on the ice. As always, the people were friendly and having a good time.

Custom House Wharf

My wife is very patient. I always want to go down weird alleyways and explore the docks. We found this wharf during out visit to Portland, Maine. It is a working fishing wharf with some great old signs and scenes.