How to easily double your traffic — look around!

My friend Monica and her father have just published an e-book on how to double the traffic on your blog. This is not strictly about how to adjust the look of your blog etc. They get into the nitty gritty of formatting and steps to take to increase the traffic. If this is one of your goals, I’d suggest getting a copy. They will show you all the steps and it costs less than a regular coffee at Starbucks (regular coffee, no latte or frapuccino). I’ve been blogging three years and did not know the steps they describe.

Written by Monica JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Toți blogerii vor trafic. Asta e cert. Pe internet există tot felul de metode de a face trafic. Alt lucru cert. Câte dintre aceste metode funcționează? Asta este deja incert. Câte metode pot aduce trafic cu ceea ce faci deja pe blog? Cert este că cel puțin 5 […]

via How to easily double your traffic — look around!

11 thoughts on “How to easily double your traffic — look around!

  1. Osyth

    Thank you Chris …. I’ve bookmarked this and will buy it after the holiday. After all – whatever one’s goals, it is good to get the footfall!

      1. Osyth

        I’m at home for a couple of days before heading back to England (it is, as they say, complicated) – though I love Christmas I will be relieved when this one, and all the attendant travelling, are behind us. I have much to attend to in the next 6 hours not least your payment lest you think I forgot!

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