Boston Winter

Boston Winter is new this year. It is Boston’s answer to the holiday market idea. There is a huge skating track, lots of gift chalets, food for sale, and separate tents for wine tasting, a beer garden and hot chocolate. It opened on the Dec 7th and we went down to take a look last evening. The gift chalets are due to close after New Years, but the rest will remain open until the end of February. I have never seen this section of Boston look better.

38 thoughts on “Boston Winter

      1. Alexandra

        LOL, you take good care of that camera… 😀 oh, I meant to ask you, will there be again this festival with the cottages on icy lake this year? the exact word escapes me, hope my question makes sense … that was a cool series 🙂

  1. reocochran

    I think this is a wonderful way to present this collection of Boston Winter photographs, Chris. I think our similar (but not nearly as pretty) seasonal equivalent is called Winterfest. We have a skating rink and “water fires” on the Scioto River front. We may be trying to become more classical, but have both a German Village and Victorian Village. 🙂

      1. reocochran

        I will try to make it but the guy I date and I have the strangest, busiest schedules! It is romantic seeing the fires on the water, Chris. If I get there, I will definitely get photos. 🙂

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        They have an event several times a summer in Providence. We last went a few years ago and I got some great photos. If you go to your area’s event, it would be fun to see photos and what they do differently.

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