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Boston’s North End at Christmas

The other evening, a friend came with me on a shoot. We ended by 7:30 but the evening was so nice that we decided to drive over to the North End for some additional shots and some cannoli. These are the images from that shoot; the cannoli is history.

Snow Day

With a foot of wet snow overnight, we were able to make this snowman for our yard to help celebrate New Year’s Eve!

Holiday Stroll – Part 2

Here is the second part of our holiday stroll. As you can see, like many cities, Boston loves its Christmas lights, especially in the trees. I did hear, however, that this year has been challenging because squirrels have been chewing through the electrical wires on the lights; this is not good for the lights or presumably the squirrels.




Holiday Stroll – Part 1

A few days before Christmas, some friends and I drove down to Boston to take in the holiday lights. Here are a few photos from our stroll across the city. More to follow.

Merry Christmas from Nubble Light

The other evening, a couple of friends and I headed up to York, Maine to make photos of Nubble Light. It sits just off the coast and was decorated for the holidays. It was a cold night (19/-7 F/C), so we took a few photos and then headed for some dinner in nearby Portsmouth, NH. Merry Christmas to all.

Small Scale


The past couple of days, I’ve posted images of some gorgeous Christmas lights in Boston. Today, I show you our little lights. This is the first year we’ve ever had lights outside. We bought two string of white lights and wrapped them around the split rail fence around the side flower garden. After running outside to plug them in at sunset and unplug them before bed, I splurged and purchased a device to do the turning on and off for me…a wise investment.

How to easily double your traffic — look around!

My friend Monica and her father have just published an e-book on how to double the traffic on your blog. This is not strictly about how to adjust the look of your blog etc. They get into the nitty gritty of formatting and steps to take to increase the traffic. If this is one of your goals, I’d suggest getting a copy. They will show you all the steps and it costs less than a regular coffee at Starbucks (regular coffee, no latte or frapuccino). I’ve been blogging three years and did not know the steps they describe.

Written by Monica JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Toți blogerii vor trafic. Asta e cert. Pe internet există tot felul de metode de a face trafic. Alt lucru cert. Câte dintre aceste metode funcționează? Asta este deja incert. Câte metode pot aduce trafic cu ceea ce faci deja pe blog? Cert este că cel puțin 5 […]

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