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Boston’s Castle — look around!

Guest Post by Christopher O’Keefe … … Why is there a stone castle, complete with a tower and moat, in the heart of a modern US city? Were these high walls the home of royalty or noblemen? In a sense, yes….and no. In the late 1800s, the nobles of Boston, the wealthy […]

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This is my guest post on my friend Monica’s blog. Monica just published her first e-book of Haiku. You can read it about it and see a link to sample pages here:



This has been in the queue to be posted for a while. I usually stick to landscape formatted images because they seem to look better in my blog than portrait formats. But I like the tones in this image. It was made in September before school started in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Only a couple more weeks before school ends for the semester and I hope to return here for a visit to see how it looks in winter.

West Hill Place

This passageway is on the edge of Beacon Hill. I suspect that horses went through here before cars. I enjoy both versions. Which do you prefer?

Chinatown – Boston, Part II — look around!

This is my guest post this week on my friend, Monica’s blog. You can see her other guests here:

Guest Post by Christopher O’Keefe … … The gateway to Boston’s colorful Chinatown. Eat some gourmet dumplings, sip some Tsingtao beer and play a bit of mahjong in the park. … look around! By the same Author: Farm House … … Christopher Photography is my artistic passion in life. There […]

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Cathedral of the Pines – Part II

More views from Cathedral of the Pines.

Cathedral of the Pines

The other day, I posted an image of a farm house and barn that many people found appealing. It was the home of The Sloane’s, a family that founded the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. This lovely outdoor chapel has a wonderful view of Mount Monadnock (seen here). The story goes that the family bought the farm and land with plans that their children could all build homes there. One son, Sandy, chose the spot where the chapel is located because a storm in 1938 took down enough trees to open up this view of the mountain. Unfortunately, Sandy died in World War II. In August 1945, the family wanted to hold a memorial service for their son. They chose the clearing where Sandy had planned to build his home for the location of the service. Soon, others began to ask to hold services there as well. Today, it is an ecumenical chapel with a bell tower and visitor center.


Some of you know that I make a calendar as a Christmas gift for my family. Last year, people said they would be interested in ordering one for 2017. It is almost time for me to place my order. These are the images that I have chosen. All were made in the past 12 months. I order 8.5×11 inch calendars from Snapfish. I can usually get them for between $12-14 depending on whatever promotion is running when I place the order. Postage is $3.00 USD within the U.S. and “more” for outside the U.S. When I ship these to family in Ireland, it costs about as much to ship as it does for the calendar.

If anyone wishes to order one, please let me know by Wednesday, November 23rd. I plan to order the following day in order to use the current Snapfish promotion.

Chinatown – Boston — look around!

My friend MOnica is back after some travels and I am lucky enough to have a guest post again this week on her blog. She has some greart materail. If you go back a week, she has some awesome photos of her trip to see the northern lights:

Guest Post by Christopher O’Keefe … … Cars double parked waiting for takeout orders while diners consume buffet and special lobster under the lion’s watchful gaze. … look around! By the same Author: Drawbridge at Eel Pond … See also: “Seagulls of Stockholm” “Wounded Soul“ … Christopher Photography is my artistic […]

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