Rainy Sunday — look around!

This is my weekly guest post on my friend Monica’s site Look Around! She is getting more work from various writers and artists each week for a very eclectice series of posts on the weekend. Check her site out: lookaround99.wordpress.com

… As a photographer, I love gorgeous light. Mornings around sunrise are my favorite; the light is just golden. But you can’t always choose your light. As a full-time student, the only time to make photos that I had this week was a rainy Sunday morning. But monochrome works well in this weather. I drove […]

via Rainy Sunday — look around!

18 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday — look around!

  1. Annie

    Very effective photograph! You have certainly perfected this technique. Love the out of focus bricks contrasting with the sharp reflection. What building is this?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thanks Teri. I played around with reflections in a few puddles and this was the best, by far. It was such a grey day that all that worked was monochrome. Cheers!


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