Cruise Night — look around!

I am once again fortunate to have a guest spot on my friend Monica’s blog. Be sure to check her out. On weekends, she has a number of interesting guest contributors. Cheers!

Kimball Farm in Lancaster, Massachusetts is the perfect place to get an ice cream cone. But go on Friday night during the summer and early fall; that’s when they have Cruise Night. The parking lot is full of antique cars, hot rods and a few modern cars that are all tricked out. Here are some […]

via Cruise Night — look around!

17 thoughts on “Cruise Night — look around!

  1. reocochran

    The strangest thing has been happening with blogging on my phone. Some blogs accept my likes and comments and others “make” me log in on WordPress which I already “should” be on.
    Anyway, I liked your guest post, Christopher. I wasn’t able to press like, it “kicked me off (?!) Your black and white photos are nostalgic and brought back many happy memories. Smiles, Robin

      1. reocochran

        Thank you for sharing the same problem, since sometimes I continue trying to get the comment and like to go through.
        I had a delicious ice cream on the last day on the beach iny old hometown, my brother and I had honey pecan ice cream. Your vanilla peanut butter one sounds scrumptious! You’re right, though, adding antiquecars into the mix makes it extra special.

  2. prior..

    I like the dimensions shown and you are right – the B-w brings out the old feel.

    and i will check out the look around blog – sounds nice.

    hope you have a great day C

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