The Price of Admission

At the point at which I left my job to start a new career, I was ready for a change but I was also at the top of my game. People inside and outside of the college routinely called me for consultation. I could prepare reports and written materials quickly and effectively. I was always on top of issues and out ahead of problems. I could talk extemporaneously about the nature of our work to visiting professionals. A couple of years ago, I was asked with five minutes’ notice to join a panel discussion in front of over a hundred people at a conference; sure, no problem.

Last weekend, I opened my textbooks for my new career and started reading. There are all these strange new theories that I am trying to wrap my head around. Some sections of text have to be read two or three times to figure out the nuances. There is new terminology and acronyms that I am trying to learn and remember. By the way, ESL seems to have rather dull acronyms; so far, they don’t spell out any cool words.

I’ve gone from expert to novice, but that is the price of admission in starting over with a new career. It’s also the excitement of starting over. Even though I’ve had some experience as a volunteer teacher, I don’t know the theory behind why the teachers do what they do. It’s fun trying to figure out how everything fits together and start to consider what theory best fits how I perceive people’s learning. Becoming a novice again may be the price of admission, but I’m hopeful that it will be a good show.

This image was made a couple of years ago in Albany, New York

28 thoughts on “The Price of Admission

  1. reocochran

    I admire your new adventure and it is special to feel a little uneasy and out of place. While changing paths us challenging, you certainly have the right (positive) attitude! Smiles, Robin

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  3. The Little Mermaid

    They say change is the only constant. Indeed! And it brings about with it new adventures, an element of positivity and courage. I believe change should be embraced in its totality. It makes life beautiful. Cheers to your spirits and wish you best of luck in your new odessey.

  4. Miss Gentileschi

    You’re a true adventurer Chris! And a very brave man. Many would love a new start but don’t dare to do it. This speaks of the high level of your passion for your new career and you definitely will be rewarded for it! 😀👍


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