Living the Dream – An Update


For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know this is a transition time for me. I am changing careers to become a teacher of English as a Second Language. This spring, I left my job and spent two months teaching English in El Salvador. Prior to that, I’d spent months learning Spanish and planning lessons. Since returning home in mid-July, I’ve enjoyed some nice time off. My wife and I have had some nice day trips and a weekend on Cape Cod. We’ve worked on some projects around the house and enjoyed life.

Now it is time for the next phase of my transition, returning to school. Tomorrow, classes begin. The program is designed to be done in eighteen months, but can be done in twelve. Given that I am not working, I am going to attempt the more intensive twelve month plan. That way, I can be applying for jobs beginning next fall.

To accomplish this in a year appears like it will require a bit of effort on my part. I’m also tutoring a young woman from Pakistan in English so she can pass the written test for her driver’s license. Starting this week, I am not going to post on days that I have classes. So for the next ten weeks, I will be posting Thursday to Sunday and then taking off from blogging on Monday to Wednesday. I am pretty much “all in” on this endeavor and need to give it my best work.


51 thoughts on “Living the Dream – An Update

  1. Osyth

    I’m glad to hear you won’t be posting on school nights … You need your energies for the doubtless intensive training which, by the way, you are clearly going to excel at …. No-one could be more engaged with the process from what I have seen and I wish you such happiness on your course 😊

  2. mopana

    I am happy for you, Chris. So… your backpack is ready? 🙂 New life, a new beginning, new horizons. Sounds cool 🙂
    I wish you all the best!
    Monica ❤

  3. Jeri Walker (@JeriWB)

    Good luck. I’ve often thought of doing what you are doing, but first my pets need to age out so I can give it a try. I could never leave them. I do have an endorsement in ESL from my days in the classroom, but I would still take a TEFOL course. I have my sights set on Prague.

  4. Peter S

    I admire people who take the risk of making a career change. A friend of mine went from being a CFO of a fairly large company to being a dog groomer, he’s much happier now.

  5. Nancy

    Muy bien! Buena suerte ! So very proud of you! I am so glad I was able to see this post as I don’t get on WordPress as often as I should. You will love every minute… And this will be fun for you. Good Luck my friend!

  6. Miss Gentileschi

    If there´s anybody who can do this 18-months course in 12, then it´s you!! Wish you all the best for it and truly believe it´s the best decision to put as much energy in this as you can so you´ll be able to apply for jobs next year. You´ll be a wonderful teacher!!! And don´t worry about not posting as much as before, we will all be here and looking forward to your posts no matter how much time inbetween goes by! 😀 Cheers!


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