Old North Bridge — look around!

I have a Sunday guest post on my friend Monica’s blog Look Around. She is curating a weekend magazine of sorts with various authors and artists. You can find her here: https://lookaround99.wordpress.com

The Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts US, was the site of a famous battle that began our country’s war of independence. Colonial militia and British soldiers fought for control of this bridge. Today, the bridge is part of a National Historic Park. While for a single day, this area played a role in what […]

via Old North Bridge — look around!

11 thoughts on “Old North Bridge — look around!

  1. mopana

    Wow! You’re an awesome friend, Chris 🙂 What you do here is so nice. Thank you for all you do and stay blessed, my friend!
    I wait for you with another beautiful post whenever you want.
    Thanks again,
    Monica ❤

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Monica: You are most welcome. I enjoy being a part of your weekend magazine. There is something for everyone here. It’s nice to see Kally joining. She is a great addition. I’ll gladly continue to add to your weekend magazine. Cheers =)

      1. mopana

        Yes, Kally is a great addition.
        I love to have many subjects from different domains. As you said, my little blog looks like a weekend magazine and I love it 🙂
        I am glad you like to be a constant Guest Writer, Chris, and I wait for your post anytime you can.

  2. Osyth

    I love an excuse to wander in the Minute Men Park and most recently did just that with The Bean and my daughter on a glorious sunny 1st September. She was entranced though quick to defend her British dignity (or what is left of it as a fierce anti-Brexiteer) which is entirely to be expected!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It’s a great spot to visit, so peaceful and serene. I don’t blame her for wanting to defend her British-ness. Most of the colonial militia were after all British…just not well behaved citizens/subjects.


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