31 thoughts on “Beaver Breakfast

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      They are awesome. Also, if they sense danger (like a strange photographer standing by the river) they sound an alarm by slapping their tail on the water. It is really loud, like a firecracker.

  1. Miss Gentileschi

    Oh wow! That must have been such a wonderful moment, Chris! I always love “meeting” animals in the wild – well, as long as they don´t want to eat me 😉 which luckily they seldom do around here (that´s if you don´t count mosquitos 😉 ) What a beautiful beaver it is! Cheers!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sarah. It was big! No fear of it eating me. Did I tell you I woke up last week and there was a bear at the window? Yeah, snacking on a bird feeder attached to the window. His paw print is still on the glass. He would not have likely eaten me either. I think the mosquitoes are the big risk.

      1. Miss Gentileschi

        OMG! A bear?! That´s so awesome! And a little bit frightening as well… But then I just loooove bears and probably would have forgotten all about being afraid, too 😉 Did you make a picture? At least of the foot print?? I also feed birds from my window sills, but since I´m living on the forth floor there´s no risk involved of attracting a bear 😉 Ahh – how I wished I could have seen that! Cheers!

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        It was dark, so no image and the smudge does not look so impressive in the camera. It is still there. We’ve not washed it off. Our family is coming to visit today and will enjoy seeing it. Cheers!

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