Got Clam Juice?

Got Clam Juice

This sticker was on the cabin of a fishing boat in Glouster Harbor. I like not only the sticker, but the textures and ruggedness of the boat iteslf.

Foe those who are wondering…”Clam juice is the broth obtained from clams. It is prepared using the liquid collected from steamed clams. Clam juice is used as an ingredient in various dishes, as a beverage that is drunk in its whole form, and as an ingredient in various beverages.” Source: Wikipedia

15 thoughts on “Got Clam Juice?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I’m not familiar with Clamato, but googled it. Looks interesting. We have family coming for a cookout tomorrow. Good times. Enjoy the weekend. I hope you are finding a goo adventure. 😄

      1. sloppy buddhist

        It’s a Canadian thing I’ve brought it over the pond to relatives in the Netherlands as they love it…not sure why it isn’t sold in more places…it’s delicious ☺️ hope your cookout was enjoyable!

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