19 thoughts on “The Pier at Salem Willows

      1. SOHEIR

        No not yet
        On the 24th of Septembre they will.
        The Adha feast for moslems will be within 10 days.
        Moslems do pilgrimage in Makkah and we celebrate the feast in our countries!!

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Thank you for the reminder. It is an important time for people of your faith. So you still have a bit of time before classes. Enjoy and enjoy the feast. Cheers!

  1. prior..

    Hi C – it is so funny because a couple of days ago I did some Google searching for a pier – and had slim pickings – well i did not try that long – anyhow, to see this photo come up is funny because this was more of what I was looking for – I love your pier. piece of an older, taller one reminds, and the water-sky – nice….


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