Blynman Bridge

Boats wanting to enter the marina on the Anisquam River in Glouster Massachusetts, must pass through the Blynman Canal. This requires passing under the Blymna Bridge on Western Avenue. As you can see, it goes up at a rather odd angle. The large volume of boating traffic on summer weekend leads to some traffic jams for cars wanting to pass through the area.

13 thoughts on “Blynman Bridge

  1. dunelight

    My first thought was , “Ooo if that doesn’t look like an expensive fix.” but then I realized it was designed this way. We are slave to a few ‘bascule’ bridges here in West Michigan. In the height of tourist season it can back traffic up for miles.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It is an interesting design to do this on an angle. I am not sure of the rationale. ON the last good boating day of 2014, we got stuck in a massive traffic jam at this bridge. Oh well! Cheers!

    2. dunelight

      DRAWBRIDGE…it took me, what an hour to remember that word? All I could find was Bascule. In any language the meaning is “Sittin’ here idling in the August sun.”

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        Ha ha ha..I am often struggling for words. Yes, the problem is that the bridge is required to remain open until the last boat passes under it. On a summer’s weekend, that can take a while.

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