White Island Light

White Island Light

The last of my lighthouse images (for now) this one will require a boat to get this close. According to the Portsmouth, NH website, it “flashes a brilliant white beam every 15 seconds and, in foggy weather, sounds a horn every 30 seconds.” However, we were there on a clear day and still heard the horn every 30 second. There is a catwalk between the house and the light. The guide told us that it keeps getting washed away by storms and needs to be rebuilt. I’m not sure why they rebuild it because the light has been automated since 1896.

36 thoughts on “White Island Light

      1. Miss Gentileschi

        Great! Although I only know how to row 😉 But I do know some navigating rules, at least around here 😉 Guess, they won´t be that different your side of the Atlantic…

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      That is kind of a cool thing to do. How often are you at the light house? What do you do there?
      From this light house, you could potentially row to Star Island and visit other people, assuming there are calm seas but I can’t imagine staying out here.


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