Generally speaking, I’ve found the people of this country to be friendly and so very generous.

It is common courtesy when making eye contact on the street or entering a shop to exchange greetings. When a person or group begins to eat, someone will invariably say “buen provecho” which is the Spanish version of bon appetit.

People have welcomed me into their groups and homes. I’ve been invited for meals and family gatherings. Groups with whom I have no affiliation have offered to have me accompany them on day trips.

So many times, people have offered me food and drink. When I showed up at an outing and did not have food with me, they did not let me go hungry. Teachers at the school routinely share fruit and parts of their meals with me. And they also share with one another. I’ve also seen people take notice of homeless individuals near restaurants and buy them food or even a meal.

So why choose photos from a beach trip for this post? I made these a few weeks back, when a group of teachers treated me to a trip to a private beach club. It was a wonderful thing to do for a visitor from afar.

Thank you to the people of El Salvador

20 thoughts on “Generosity

  1. Miss Gentileschi

    It is very common under people who have very little to share even that with others, especially when it comes to food. IΒ΄ve encountered this very often and it always makes you think…


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