Casa de Guirola

This is the Casa de Guirola built in the 1860s by a once wealth family. The corner that has been torn away and replaced with sheet metal once held the statues of two eagles. People once referred to the house as the House of Eagles. It has a mysterious past.

One family member had, it was said, a room lined with silver coins. On the roof of the room was a symbol that resembled a goat. In that room beautiful maidens were offered as sacrifices. Many beautiful women, gossips claimed, were subjected to all kinds of sexual practices and then never again seen. Another family member used to walk around Santa Tecla, dressed all in black and accompanied by a dozen enormous black dogs that walked freely beside him. The dogs’ natural fangs had been removed and replaced with fangs of pure gold. In the House of the Eagles, during some exclusive parties, they served concoctions in which blood bats was mixed with fine European spirits. It was also said that some family members never grew old.

The legend is interesting but the fact is the family members were benefactors to the city donating the land for the Cafetalon, a lovely city park, as well as building an orphanage and a hospital for the poor.

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