El Cafetalon

This park is an oasis in the city. It is secure and quiet from the noise of the streets. There are no street vendors yelling here and no speeding cars. If I go after classes, I am apt to hear cries of “Teacher, Teacher” as students spot me along the track or on the exercise equipment.

17 thoughts on “El Cafetalon

  1. mopana

    A very nice park, Christopher. I really liked the pic with you and the tree. 🙂
    You really enjoy your life in El Salvador and I like that.
    Cheers ❤

  2. Garfield Hug

    Looks like you are having fun!! I am very glad you took this assignment and discovered a whole new world. Loved the banyan tree!! Love your posts as your share a part of the world I have not seen😊

  3. laurieanichols

    You have a new name! Some of my best memories are from the years I spent “teaching” French to the little ones at Farmington River School, my name was Madam, I loved it. 😀


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