Yesterday, the school had a day of celebration for Ani (Annie), the woman who cares for our school. To say that she cares for the school is a bit of an understatement. She cleans it, goes around making sure things are neat and tidy and makes a big pot of coffee for the staff. She is kind of like a big mother figure for us all.

There are two sessions of the classes each day, morning and afternoon, with different students and teachers for each. Being there all day meant that I got to celebrate twice. Part of the celebration involved dancing.

With students and staff lining the courtyard, music suddenly plays and a group of six girls appear in long ruffled dresses to perform a traditional dance. As they spin and twirl their skirts, it creates a whirling motion. At the end, the vice principal comes out to dance. I like her. Typically, she moves around the school more like a model in high heels (zapatos con taco in Spanish). She dances and then calls Ani to dance.

The afternoon performance begins with a modern dance routine followed by a traditional dance routine. I am really hot and tired. I can only halfheartedly take photos. One of the older girls wants to try my camera. It is set for correctly for this light, so I let her use it cautioning her to take care with it. We finally get to the part in which one of the afternoon staff starts dancing with the girls. I wait for Ani to be asked to dance and am really only giving it half my attention; until I am the one pulled onto the dance floor. Not what I had planned. The girls are in hysterics. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the dance routine from Pulp Fiction. I reprise John Travolta’s moves and the girls start screaming. It was fun but honestly the movement and heat winded me.

Clicking the link below should show you the vice principle and Ani dancing with the girls.
Photo credit for the image of me to one of the students of the school. I did not get her name.


24 thoughts on “Dance!

  1. inavukic

    I see you had a go also, Christopher πŸ˜€ looks fun and those women look like have some great moves – dancing in the blood so to speak

  2. Miss Gentileschi

    Haha! And here already is your next post! Wonderful!! The pictures are lovely and what fun you must have had!! Good choice on the Travolta moves – they never cease to excite women all over the planet πŸ˜‰ ItΒ΄s great how they love and thank their Ani – she must have been so happy! Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers! πŸ™‚

  3. BuntyMcC

    I’ve just caught up on weeks of your blog…congratulations on following through on your career change. And kudos for volunteering in El Salvador.

  4. mopana

    Dance is life and your photos show us this very spectacular way to live, Christopher. Is that you in the photo moving like Travolta?
    Have fun! ❀


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