On Sunday morning, Joaquin took me in the bus to Comasagua a small town in the hills, with a stop for pupusas along the way. I’m surprised we will stop for pupusas because they are everywhere in the city.

We ride in an old repurposed school bus out of the city and climb into the mountains. When we get off the bus for our breakfast, we have risen above the city and have an amazing view of the valley below. The hot humid air is replaced with clear crisp air, like in New Hampshire. We still have to climb a steep set of stairs to the restaurant, aptly named Nirvana.

We are seated on a terrace built on the mountainside and overlooking the valley and mountains further out. The tables are modern but made to look rustic. We sit right at the railing enjoying the view. There are lush gardens and hummingbirds flitter about.

Joaquin notices the rumble first and loudly says “earthquake” in both English and Spanish. Then I notice it. It is a low rumble; enough to make the coffee in my mug shake a bit but not spill. Suddenly, being on a terrace in the side of a mountain is not the best place to be. It passes after a few seconds and we enjoy our breakfast.

A pupusa is a stuffed tortilla cooked on a griddle and served with salsa and a vegetable mix on the side. The fillings can be just about anything. Most have a local cheese that is similar to mozzarella and something else also. Shredded pork or refried beans with the queso are common. They are served piping hot and must be eaten with care. Oh, and they are delicious.

After, we take the bus to Comasagua. It is a small village. Most of the homes and business are in buildings similar to the neighborhood where I am living. A few buildings withstood the 2001 earthquake and are built of lovely old brick with detailed doors and windows. There is a very small market and a few craft shops. The town is maybe five square blocks. It gives me a sense of small community life. After roaming the town, we board the bus back to Santa Tecla.

Note: Joaquin found a report that the earthquake measured 5.5 on the Richter scale and was centered not far off the coast.

46 thoughts on “Comasagua

  1. GP Cox

    These pictures are bit different from the ones posted 2 days ago of Santa Tecla. Glad to hear of your safe arrival and you appear to be settling in just fine.

  2. Sandhya

    Happy to see you settling in well. Love the pictures, especially the door and the cobbled street one! What a treat for us to see the place through an amazing photographers lens!

  3. Thomas P. Johnston

    How I do enjoy your daily updates. As though you are taking us all along on your journey. Please upload pics of the school, etc. I would like to donate to ‘the cause’ as this seems a noble adventure and experience. Small donation. Would others be interested in a crowdsource for your school and efforts?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Hello Thomas: Thank you so much for your comment, i appreciate it. i am trying to tell people exactly what it is like here. I’ve asked the director of the program for information about donations and will post as soon as he sends this to me. Thank you again. Cheers!

    2. milfordstreet Post author

      Hello: There is an ongoing online fund raiser to help some of the girls to attend summer school. Here is the link:

      The summer program is for the brightest students to nurture their talents so that perhaps they can get scholarships for additional education and have better jobs after school.

      Thank you again for your interest. Cheers!

      If you would like to see more about the program, here are some links:

      If you want to see us in facebook

      If you want to see us in Pinterest

      If you want to see us in youtube

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        I am three days in and loving it despite feeling totally inadequate. I have a fun piece to post on my other blog for the trip. More narrative than photo. I need to get that up tonight.

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        I’m doing another blog for people who have not followed Milford St and want to follow this trip. Also for future employers. It has some essays Milford St does not. It is mostly about living in a foreign country.

  4. Miss Gentileschi

    Absolutely great shots! Love them all, but especially the one with the view over the jungle and the building at the corner 🙂 Your breakfast does sound yummy, although I normally prefer it sweet in the morning, with oats and fruits 😉 (I believe that´s called continental?)

      1. Miss Gentileschi

        Especially with that terremoto going on I imagine! I´ve never really witnessed one (well it was a very, very tiny one in the Eifel, but I think that doesn´t count). Cheers! 🙂

      1. Alexandra

        so exciting 🙂 I think I read in an earlier post you are leaving there in summer and I didn’t realize it is so soon actually… am very proud of you, so adventurous lol :)) take care and keep the photos and stories coming!!

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