Travel Time


The photo above shows some of the teaching materials I’ve pulled together for my classes. They are spread out on our kitchen table in New Hampshire. It’s time to pull it all together and pack up and head off. It may take me a day or two to get things figured out on the ground there. I’m not sure what my internet access will be. I’m not sure how often I’ll post. I’m hoping a couple of times a week but I’ll have a better idea after I arrive. I apologize in advance if I am not as able to stay up on everyone’s blogs during this time. I hope you will understand.


17 thoughts on “Travel Time

  1. mickey2travel

    Whoo-hoo! Safe travels, my friend! Can’t wait to see where your next adventure takes you!

  2. loisajay

    I love all your teaching materials. ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’–one of my kids all-time favorites. Good luck and Godspeed to you, Chris. Experience of a lifetime.

  3. Osyth

    I haven’t posted anything since the end of March …. we will all be here when you can – that is what you have built 🙂

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Actually, I am changing careers. I go back to school this fall to become a teacher of English as a foreign language. This is a volunteer activity I’m doing for two months.

      1. Andy Smart

        Hiya Chris > Phew I’ve been teaching TEFL for 7 or 8 years over here. If your interested I’ve done my own set of books for English speaking classes for which there are surprisingly few. If your interested check out the link for my second blog ‘Smart English’. I wont ram the link right under your nose. It gets my back up when people do that. TEFL’s a sweet as line of work mate!

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        I’ll check it out, Andy. I am hoping your right about it being a good line of work. I’ve been volunteering for a couple of years now and it certainly seems good. Cheers and thanks again.

      3. milfordstreet Post author

        I’ve been working with adults volunteering at night for two years and love it. People who are trying to change their lives are so motivated and respectful.

      4. Andy Smart

        Yes yes so right > They really want to get themselves ahead and are driven to better themselves. Some students work really hard. I find the motivation rubs off as well. Its really great fun as well.

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