Some of the items from the American Art gallery at Heritage Gardens and Museum. The lead image (man wearing a hat) in entitled ‘The Dude’.

26 thoughts on “Americana

  1. inavukic

    Nice assortment, Christopher, while the Dude is OK for a Dude I wouldn’t mind the painting with cowboy on horse hanging on my wall 😀

      1. Sixeighty

        Haha your probably right…
        Wonder if he was referred to as ‘the dude’ or ‘Mr dude’.
        Nice photos BTW, I forgot to comment that earlier haha

      1. izza ifzaal

        Yeah Chris! Everything is going great
        Why don’t you make instagram account.. Everyone on instagram will love it

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Sounds like a great idea. I’m not sure if you saw my post. I’m leaving for El Salvador for 2 months to teach English there. Maybe I’ll sign up for Instagram while there.
        I hope that your novel is coming along well. Cheers 😎

      3. izza ifzaal

        Really wow! I just went through your images! That’s sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoy your stay there 🙂 Yeah I am done with first draft! Going to start editing now 🙂

  2. MK

    I really enjoy American folk & fine art. I once took a vacation to New England to see the leaves turning, and a high point of that trip was a visit to Shelburne Museum in Vermont. I’d go back in a heartbeat, and spend several days with no problem.


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