41 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. Kate Lester

    We stopped there once on a Boston Movie Tour for an outing with company where I once worked. Once you go down the familiar steps, it’s just a tourist trap bar with so-so food. They changed the name to “Cheers” not that long ago, as it was part of the Hampshire House hotel.
    I highly recommend the movie tour, though.That was a lot of fun.

      1. Kate Lester

        The tour is great fun. As you pull up to a site where a movie or TV show was filmed, video screens in front of each passenger drop down to show a scene. The guides keep things lively with trivia games. I keep saying I’m going to take it again…


    Life in general was better than now in the 80s and nineties..the people ..the t.v …the cinema movies …everything was better than now I think.
    Nice shot !
    Cheers Chris!!

  3. sidilbradipo1

    Grest shot!
    Cheers! From 1982 to 1993: yes, it was a wonderful funny TV sitcom. Ted Danson aka Sam Malone, and of course Norm, and his beer: a myth 😀

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Interesting. They used to have a bar called Cheers on the waterfront that was made to look like the set. It was while the show was still running.

  4. mickey2travel

    Awesome! The actual name is called the Bull & Finch Pub. In 2002, the Bull & Finch Pub was officially renamed “Cheers Beacon Hill”. The show “Cheers” is based on this pub after the producers and directors went to many other pubs for a visit: Where everybody knows your name, you are feel to talk about religion to politics, etc… They kept coming back to the Bull & Finch Pub because they felt “at home” there. Hence, this is were the concept of the show was formed.

    Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) in this place! My usual was to start off with a MUG of Clam Chow’dah, then a Norm Burger, fries, and Sam Adams beer. By the time I was finished with the job there in Boston, I could literally walk in, and someone would inevitably yell, “Mick!”

    God, I miss that place! Thank you for creating a wonderful memory again!

  5. Miss Gentileschi

    Sadly I don´t know the show but I love your shot of the pub it´s based on! 🙂 And I can understand why you didn´t go inside – this time of day there´s only one liquid worth being drunk(?) – and that´s coffee! 😀 Cheers (hehe)!

  6. GP Cox

    If there is anyone who does NOT remember Cheers! – I want to know what cave they came out of!! I catch the reruns now and again and still laugh!!


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