Don’t cross over. . .

Syeda, a friend and fellow blogger, wrote a poem using one of the images recently posted here as her inspiration. Please enjoy and, if inspired, visit her site. Cheers!

Syeda F.R.

As always, reading through your blogs gives me ideas. Recently I started following the photography blog of Chris. What beautiful pictures!

Going along on his blog, a few of the photographs caught my attention. Do visit his place, maybe something would inspire you! ?? 
One of them struck me, you can see the other images of the building, the Portal gave me this poem.


Abandoned building, crumbling bricks,
Rusty hinges, discolored walls,
Metallic doors with smells of past.
Those left by them, as dark memories.

Are you aware of,
What lies inside the enclosure?
Tell me, can you hear,
Sounds echoing from within?

Once inside the threshold,
You’ll come across lunatics at every step,
Maybe, you will find me there,
Lost in thoughts about you with a smirk.

Don’t even let the thought
Of escape cross your mind,
For once you’ve got inside,
You’ll be swallowed by the melancholy.

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