Through the Portal

Yesterday, I showed a portal under part of New Hampshire’s former state psychiatric society. My friend, Teri, asked if I could take her through the portal to see the other side. Luckily, I have those images on file. This is from the part of the hospital building that housed people who had been convicted of a crime but were also in need of mental health care. That part had the same security as a prison of those times. Most of the rest of the former hospital, while dated, is more welcoming with open airy areas, murals and without the barbed wires and high walls.

19 thoughts on “Through the Portal

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Please, feel free if you would like and if you want to repost the image, you are most welcome to do so. It will be interesting to see what you write. We all have our attraction to the dark side of life. I like to express mine through photos and you through your writing. Thank you and Cheers!

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