Town Hall Meeting

This year is a Presidential election year here in the US. While the election is not until November, primary elections and caucuses are now being held in individual states to choose candidates for the November election. Often the states with the first primary elections get to help narrow down the field. New Hampshire is the second state to make their choice and with the primary election on Tuesday, we are inundated with candidates and media. It is a mixed blessing. On the up-side, we can pretty much see any candidate we want. The other night Chris Christie held a town hall forum in a fire station in a nearby town. We went over because he has some interesting things to say. These images show how informal it can be at this point in the process.

22 thoughts on “Town Hall Meeting

  1. mickey2travel

    It’s going to be a crazy year! Both “parties” have *cough* with their respective agendas. God bless America, right? Maybe it’s about to time to relocate to England? At least they’ve had the same “type” of government for like the past millions years! Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing! :^)

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Sure, thank you, I’m glad you liked them. The fire station made a good backdrop. We hope to catch a couple of other candidates before they all leave on Tuesday night.

  2. mickey2travel

    By the way, sir, is the camera you’re using one of those “frameless of shutterless” cameras? You know, the one’s that you don’t hear the shutter snap when you take a photo? I really love the shot of you, taking a photo, of that lady, taking a photo, with her phone! Really nice!

  3. Jnana Hodson

    Milford, where Lamar Alexander’s race crashed into a wall, upholds the kind of revealing moment that makes the first-in-the-nation primary process so essential. You can’t anticipate where or when the true self is disclosed, but it happens. Glad to see you’re still on the case!

  4. Monika

    A very interesting insight to this event and great photos! I really hope the elections in the US will turn out fine, people seem to become more extreme and xenophobic these days.. here in Switzerland they’re going to have a vote about a controversial law concerning deporting criminal foreigners this month and as a foreigner myself, it’s quite frightening to hear how xenophobic some people are. Sorry, it’s not related to your post, but the pictures made me think about that.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you Monika…I think about it also. I spend part of my free time helping those who have come here from other countries to learn English to make their transition here easier. We are a country of immigrants. My family came from a variety of European countries 100 years ago. The people who come here are for the most part model citizens. I don’t understand the xenophobia either. Sigh!

      1. Monika

        You are so kind, it makes me happy to hear about other people’s nice actions and reminds me that I should also do more.
        And unfortunately not everyone realizes that their ancestors were immigrants themselves.. but really, I like the message that you’re spreading 🙂

  5. prior2001

    From the political side I was tempted to go and see a few candidates when they were in our town – but did not – but your photos are cool and do show the casual side of their talks – even tho I do not care for this guy in your post –
    And the photos – the color red is brilliant – vibrant through out with the yellow of the ladder and clothing – feels vibrant

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you….I loved the setting…and I like Chris Christie’s style in this type of forum. He would need a lot more votes than he currently has in the poles to do much.


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