Charles River Sunset

Ice on the Charles

Adobe offers a one month free trial of the newest version of its Lightroom editing software. I’m test driving it and the various features. One feature is HDR (high-dynamic-range imaging) in which multiple exposures are combined into one. The content is the same but the exposures differ from light to dark. This is one of two images I made late on Saturday using this technology. The view is of the Charles River and Back Bay taken from the roof of the Museum of Science’s parking garage.

48 thoughts on “Charles River Sunset

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        Ha ha ha…It was really odd on Saturday evening. They have a program at the museum that owns the garage for youth groups to spend the night at the museum….more camping than five star hotel. Anyway, the campers arrived during my shoot. It is only one night and they have to be out early the next morning. Some people brought like humongous suitcases. 😀

  1. photobyjohnbo

    I like Lightroom’s HDR so much, i take most of my outdoor photos in brackets of three. I have found times it doesn’t work well, but most of the time, I really like the wide exposure range. Pair it with a superb composition like yours and it helps create a stunning image.


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