16 thoughts on “Jager

      1. ❦Just Me❦

        No you can’t! Hehehehe! Gosh, I seem to have a rare case of the giggles right now. 😁

        So, I thought I saw a pic of you somewhere in your blog. Then, a few days later I was watching “You” on Netflix. In the pilot epi, around 46 seconds, there was a fella in a bookstore that reminded me of you.

        Weird, I know. Thought I’d share. 🙃

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Oh really! I don’t have Netflix but have “other ways” to source videos. I’ll try to check it out. Maybe I have a doppelgänger. Supposedly we all do. Have you met yours? Pics of me on my blog are rare but there will be one coming up this weekend.

      3. ❦Just Me❦

        I met my doppelgänger many years ago in a club in El Paso. I couldn’t take my eyes off her for the entire year we worked together! Everyone assumed we were sisters!

        Can’t wait to see “you.” 🙃 later alligator!

      4. ❦Just Me❦

        I did a double take when I saw that and I almost asked you if you’d ever done any extra work, lolz! Cray, huh? The smile and everything! So cool. Anyways, yeah, working with my “twin” was amazing. We connected very deeply, too. Cheers, Chris!

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