Old North Church in Sihlouette

Old North Church
One of the most famed and historic churches in U.S. history. The number of lights hung in the tower signaled the militia as to whether enemy troops were approaching by land or sea.

One (light) if by land,
Two if by sea.

Bragging rights to the first person who can say the number of lanterns hung as a signal.

27 thoughts on “Old North Church in Sihlouette

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Monica. I played with the light and how to compose this for a long time. I think I made a total of six shots and this was the best. I hope you’re having a good day. Cheers 😊

  1. DeniseBalog

    Makes me think of the “Sons of Liberty!” Love seeing photos from Boston! Memories abound from my Dad taking us around his home town:) Blessings for a wonderful day and week! Love your blog and photos:) denise


    That shot is so beautiful and charming Chris!
    The sky is so beautiful with the colors and fading lights.

  3. williamleeone

    Though the story was taught to me since I was young, I really never knew the point of reference! Doh, there was and is a tower ! Do you have a photo of Paul Reveres horse by chance ? Great picture!


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