The Old Massachusetts State House

Old Massachusetts State House
When I go to Boston for early morning shoots, I drive down in the dark and about a block from where I park…BAM…I see this building all lit up and it just about blinds me. But, I love it. It is surrounded by streets and tall buildings. This shot was made standing in the middle of the street, which you can do at 5:00 AM on a Sunday.

32 thoughts on “The Old Massachusetts State House

  1. mickey2travel

    Awesome, Sir! Isn’t that the balcony were they read the Constitution aloud on the 4th of July? (or something like that….)

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. 😊 I do like how it is lit. And it is mysterious … Last year, workers were fixing a part of the building and inside they found a time capsule. Someone had put a newspapers, coins, medals and other things in there over 200 years ago!

  2. Les

    That’s a great Image! If it’s one place I would love to go and see, it’s Boston’s Historical Area. I could spend a lot of time there just walking around and seeing all those historic buildings and reading what happened at each one. You are lucky to do such. I was thinking of driving up there this past summer, but was told about the horrific traffic that is there. You can get lost in Boston real easy and parking is at a premium. Maybe some more Posts like the one above?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Les. I’ve loved history since the time I was a boy and recall in 6th grade discovering that all these historic buildings exist. I was there this morning and have bits and pieces of the Old North Church in the images I made. Boston is manageable by doing a number of things (e.g stay on the outskirts and use public transportation, visit on a Sunday, etc). If you ever want help, let me know and I’ll lend what I can. I’ll try to get more shots like this from time to time. I really want to do a good architectural shoot on this building sometime soon. Have a good evening. Cheers.

      1. Les

        Like you, I enjoy History too. I have been interested in the Historical area’s around where live for many years, thus the reason for my Blog. There is so much History around here. About a hour away is the Independence Park in Phidalphia where the Declaration of Indepdenance was signed on July 4th, 1776. I’ll post more on this later.

  3. prior2001

    Love the lit up feel as it proudly stands there – but you know – my eye was instantly drawn to the red light – almost like it informally balanced this shot – hm

  4. Emilio Pasquale

    I often complain about getting up early but this shot- and my past weekend outing- just proves it’s never too early, or too late, to take a great shot! Beautiful!


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