Boston: Old and New

Old and New

This is what you see on the other side of the fence that I showed yesterday. In the background is the modern Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. Below and in front of it is an old railroad signal tower for North Station, literally being propped up on one side. These are the kinds of juxtapositions that occur in Boston with a mixing of old and new. Below is a closer view of the signal tower.

B&M Signal Tower

24 thoughts on “Boston: Old and New

  1. prior2001

    I like how some of your photos flow from yesterday’s post or from past ones – and I actually had s feeling you would do that so I started by skimming older posts first when I. Visited today!

    Anyhow – I like the old and the new – as u noted – but also feel a bunch of math with this image – (the Main one) and from the reader it had a different feel – just all the shapes and lines were obvious! And felt some tension – . With the high vertical on right and the emdedddd vertical mid left (ladder)- had to then zoom in to see more and the Windows and other lines kept giving

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      There is a track next to the bridge. It is for passenger trains going north from Boston. There is a very cool little railroad bridge. I will make a photo of it another day.

  2. mopana

    So, you did it. You’ve had the time and the weather. Two nice shots and a little history. Boston old and new, your pictures B&W and color. Everywhere is a mixture, right?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you; That is right…There is a mixture of all elements in our world…new and old; happy and sad; funny and serious; color and B&W. I had not thought of the last pair until you said it. Very clever. =)
      I want to go back when it is dark and take a photo. The bridge has very pretty lights on it.

  3. panhirsch

    A nice capture of old and new! We’ve got lots of those old buildings still owned by our railway company (wonder why noone wants to buy them). None of them are in use, they just stay there and get… well… old.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      You have no desire to buy and fix up an old railroad building? Actually someone in the little town we live in fixed up the old train station into a home and it is lovely. A good photo shoot someday. Cheers.


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