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In Focus

Piers Park

Yesterday, I posted the image below. There were a couple of inquiries about nature of the location. The image was made at Piers Park in East Boston (by the airport). This is not the same angle, but you can clearly see the guard rail and lights in the distance. I think in the image below, the camera was pointed at a neighboring pier.


The Charlestown Bridge

Charlestown Bridge

Since 1900, the Charlestown Bridge has carried traffic between Boston’s North End and Charlestown. For those who have seen the Ben Affleck movie The Town, this is the bridge the police try to close down to prevent the bank robbers from getting away. It only has another year left. It is scheduled to be replaced next year.

The Zakim Bridge

The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge was the primary subject of last Sunday’s photo shoot. The place from which I’d planned to make some images turned out to be less than stellar. But from there, I found a good route along one side of the bridge. These are a few of the images.