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Bromfield Street

Back when I worked in Boston, I enjoyed visiting Bromfield Street with it’s watch repair shops, stores selling pens, camera shops and Sherman’s Luggage Store. Many of the stores are gone but some landmarks remain, though they have been upgraded a bit. Sherman’s closed but their name remains in the pavement.

Monochrome Monday – Boston City Hall and City Hall Plaza

Boston  City Hall Plaza

This subject just lent itself to B&W. In the 1960’s the local government out grew the old City Hall (shown yesterday) and the current city hall and plaza were created. To do so, an entire neighborhood was razed with as many as 20,000 people displaced. The image below shows the area in the 1920s – Those of you familiar with the area will see Faneuil Hall in the background.

City Hall and its plaza are controversial. Some love it and others not so much. The plaza has not really taken off as a place to spend time. This image was made mid-day on a Sunday. The plaza can be very hot or cold depending on the weather. The city has made the best of it by making it a place for celebrations, rallies, and even the circus.


Boston’s Old City Hall

Today’s post features Boston’s Old City Hall, which housed the city’s government from 1865 to 1969. It is a beautiful old building that employs a style of architecture borrowed from the French. This style was later used in many other buildings here in the US. I especially enjoy the courtyard with its greenery and statues. Today, this houses a number of businesses and a restaurant.

Tomorrow, we will see the current Boston City Hall and Plaza