Boston’s ‘Skinny House’

The Skinny House

So odd that I should focus on ‘skinny’ the day after our Thanksgiving Feast. Perhaps I feel a bit self-conscious. But here is an image of The Skinny House – The narrowest house in all of Boston. According to

Legend says that in Colonial times Joseph Euestus and his brother inherited land the house sits on from their father. While Joseph was away, his brother built a grand house on the part of the land away from Hull Street leaving little for his brother. But it was Joseph who had the last laugh. He built the skinny house on the narrow lot in front of his brother’s home and at four stories it was enough to cut off his brother’s view of the harbor. The legend persists and today the house at 44 Hull Street is still often referred to as the ‘Spite House’.

You can stay in The Skinny House if you ever visit Boston. It rents for around $2,000 per week. Here are the details:

32 thoughts on “Boston’s ‘Skinny House’

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      So true…I want one of the penthouses in the buildings on either side. They would have a gorgeous water view and be so close to all of the North End’s wonderful foods.


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