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Rue St. Paul – Saturday Night

A bit of a grainy set as there was too much close action for the tripod to be of much help. Still a good sense of a fun Saturday might out.

Le Plateau Montreal

The Watchful Eyes

On previous trips to Montreal, we’d always spent our time downtown or perhaps up on Mount Royal or along the canal path. Planning for our recent visit, I was reading about some of the neighborhoods in other parts of Montreal. The Plateau neighborhood seemed particularly intriguing being described by Wikipedia as “characterized by brightly coloured houses, cafés, book shops, and a laissez-faire attitude.” We were also given to understand that there is some amazing murals and other wall art. Off we went on a rainy Friday morning to explore.

Town Houses

Mustard Colored Door

Chez Jose

Cycling in the Rain

Row Houses

Blue Door and Chair

Window Box

Images of Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal

Fun at Parc du Mont-Royal

Mount Royal - Hello Montreal

On a nice autumnal Saturday, it seemed like all of Montreal stopped at the top of Mount Royal to enjoy life. It was amazing to see all of the different ways that people enjoyed themselves.

Mount Royal - 1..2..3..JUMP
Most people seemed to enjoy hanging out on the belvidere. These two young ladies were making action shots.

Resting on the Steps of the Chateau
Others took some sun sitting on the steps.

Mount Royal - A Place to Walk the Dogs
Some people walked their dogs up to the top of the park.

Mount Royal - Montreal Moments
Many people took photographs. This frame was place near the edge so that people could have a framed photo from the top.

This contraption came along and took rider for a tour of the city (or was it of the pubs) on this device.

From Milford Street to Mount Royal
And then there was this familiar looking guy.