Delaware and Raritan Canal Trail

Here is a fun gallery from our vacation. The Delaware and Raritan Canal used to by a major artery for commerce, back when goods were shipped by canal. Now it is a recreation area. People kayak and canoe in the canal and others walk, run and bike the trail along side the canal. We were staying in Princeton, NJ and were able to go off cycling on two different days. The first day, we got caught in a downpour, which made the trail a bit muddy. Not much you can do but pedal to shelter. The shirt never got clean.

16 thoughts on “Delaware and Raritan Canal Trail

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It was one of the best days of cycling all season…and our longest distance (40 mi). This required extra hydration at the brewpub that night and withe calories burnt we had to get some appetizers…to maintain our strength, of course.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It was an awesome ride. There was even an awesome lunch spot with great sandwiches. And we saw many turtles sunning themselves. But the turtles had the good sense to get out of the rain. Cheers!


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