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Delaware and Raritan Canal Trail

Here is a fun gallery from our vacation. The Delaware and Raritan Canal used to by a major artery for commerce, back when goods were shipped by canal. Now it is a recreation area. People kayak and canoe in the canal and others walk, run and bike the trail along side the canal. We were staying in Princeton, NJ and were able to go off cycling on two different days. The first day, we got caught in a downpour, which made the trail a bit muddy. Not much you can do but pedal to shelter. The shirt never got clean.

Seward Johnson – Making a Good Impressionist

Manet - Argenteuil and Sewell Johnson - Sailing the Seine
Manet – Argenteuil and Seward Johnson – Sailing the Seine

As I mentioned in the prior posts, Seward Johnson tries to make art accessible and understandable. He feels the Impressionist painters also did this, In an homage to these masters, he has rendered some of their paintings in 3-D as sculptures. While visiting Grounds for Sculpture, my wife and I looked up the original paintings on our phones and then tried to frame the sculptures accordingly. Here are the side by side comparisons. See what you think.

Renoir - Luncheon of the Boating Party and Sewell Johnson - Were You Invited
Renoir – Luncheon of the Boating Party and Seward Johnson – Were You Invited

Monets - Garden at Sainte-Adresse and Sewell Johnsons - Copyright Violation
Monet – Garden at Sainte-Adresse and Seward Johnson – Copyright Violation

Van Goghs  Bedroom in Arles and Sewall Johnsons Recreation of Van Goghs Bedroom in Arles
Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles and Seward Johnson’s Recreation
Entering this one is a bit disorienting because the furnishings are at such odd angles. It is a bit like PeeWee’s Playhouse. Seward Johnson used to use this as his bedroom in his studio.

Renoir - On the Terrace and Sewell Johnson - Family Secret
Renoir – On the Terrace and Seward Johnson – Family Secret

And for those of you who doubt these are real sculptures, I offer the following:

The Sculpture of Seward Johnson

Seward Johnson, the founder of Grounds for Sculpture (GFS), is a sculptor himself. If you’ve been to Key West, you may have seen his work around the town hall. He also made the statue of the sailor and nurse kissing that stands next to the Midway in San Diego, CA.

He wants his work to be accessible, so it is incredibly lifelike. Most are on a real life scale, though some, like Marilyn Monroe, are rather over-sized. The last photo (the shoe) shows the level of detail in his work.

Tomorrow, we will see his reinterpretation of other artists who tried to make art accessible to the masses: the Impressionists.

Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture (GFS) is a 42 acre sculpture park and museum located close to Trenton, New Jersey. This was the primary destination on our recent trip to New Jersey and we built our vacation around it. We spent four hours there and would have been there longer, except it began to rain heavily. Founded by sculptor Seward Johnson, the goal of GFS is to “promote an understanding of and appreciation for contemporary sculpture for all people” through the sculpture park, museum exhibitions, and educational programs.

Over the next two days, I’ll show you some of Seward Johnson’s works.

Monochrome Monday: R/V Marcus G. Langseth

Marcus G Langseth BW
We spent the weekend visiting my parents on Cape Cod. After dinner on Saturday, we took a ride down to Woods Hole, a charming village that happens to contain both the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the Marine Biological Laboratory. There is always interesting “stuff” down there. We had seen this research vessel earlier in the day.

The Marcus G. Langseth serves as the national seismic research facility for the United States academic research community. It is distinct among ships in the academic fleet in that it is a designated National Facility. Its operations are not determined by any one academic institution but by a committee of scientists from the larger community.

Below is a color version of this image and a photo made during the daytime with my iPhone.

Marcus G Langseth

Research Ship