Beacon Hill – The Big Picture

I’ve been focusing my entries on a photographic tour of my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts that I took with PhotoWalks in order to challenge my ability to make more compelling images.

Strolling through Beacon Hill, the Federal-style architecture is really striking. Last fall, I made some images there but found them a bit bland. Saba, our guide, found ways to make them more interesting. In the shot of the gold-domed State House, we used foliage to frame the shot a bit. In many of our images, we used angles that captured the gas lamps in the shots in creative ways. On Joy Street, she suggested tilting the camera a bit to make it more interesting. Then, she also saw a truck with a black hood and thought to use this as a mirror to shoot the reflections of the buildings. We also looked for buildings that had unique features, such as Number 24 Pinkney Street in which no two windows are the same.

Lesson learned: Don’t shoot architecture only straight on or from a 45 degree side angle. Use other angles, tilt your camera, or shoot low and up on some shots. Try framing or using interesting reflections. Crop the cars out of your shots. Incorporate interesting details, like the gas lamps or flags. Be creative.

For those of you planning to visit Boston and are interested in going out with PhotoWalks, please go to


24 thoughts on “Beacon Hill – The Big Picture

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you Lois…I don’t think the tips are really anything that has not been said before but the tour was a great way to put them all together. Cheers =)

  1. عابرةسبيل

    I liked the way you shot the gas lamps
    The idea of cropping the cars out of the photo is great
    All the shots are beautiful
    Thanks for the lesson

  2. Himali Shah

    Amazing clicks Chris.. I love the last one. . It is shot at such an amazing angle.. All the pictures are truly outstanding! ! I feel like visiting Boston from your lenses 🙂

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        Well…..It was out photo guide’s idea. The funny thing is that the owner of the truck was standing near. He did not know why we were taking such careful photos of his truck…but I explained it to him. 😀 Thank you

  3. Nancy

    I am so glad you are sharing your ideas with us. I love learning and your creative ways will be remembered.
    The brownstones are so pretty… and you are right… the gas lamps add an extra layer.
    Thanks for the creativity!


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