33 thoughts on “Nobska Lighthouse – Falmouth, MA

  1. عابرةسبيل

    I think it was used in the past to help ships knowing their way .wasn t it
    Beautiful shot

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. Yes, that is exactly what they were used for. Today we have GPS but our country still keeps the light houses also. Do you have lighthouses along your coast?

  2. Ana Perry

    though Falmouth was just down the road when I was a kid I only went there for ball games, I never saw any of this cool stuff you’ve posted. Another reason to go back

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Woods Hole is a really nice part of Falmouth. It is worth spending an afternoon. The downtown also seems nice though I did not spend much time there. Cheers

      1. Ana Perry

        OK, so I have been to Wood’s Hole, school field trips and the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. We lived two miles from Hyannis harbor and nearly an hour to Wood’s Hole. But it did reduce the ferry ride considerably. We still took the ferry to Nantucket from Hyannis.

        I hope someday you’ll get to experience much more of The Cape

      2. Ana Perry

        All my family is gone now as well as friends. All moved or died. The Cape was magical for me, such a beauty full of cultural and historic significance. I’m just not sure I can do it. Maybe when my grandson is old I’ll show him where gramma grew up.

      3. milfordstreet Post author

        Sounds like a plan. It has changed. Our family would spend two weeks in a rented cottage every summer in Dennisport. The old arcade is now replaed with condos or something…but much of the Cape is still great.

      4. Ana Perry

        I understand, I went back in 2010 after 15 years, A block from my home is an intersection with police station (now visitors center), a bank (now gas/convenience store), a Friendly’s (now a cvs) and a wooded area (now the Keltic Kitchen). Even my home was barely recognizable after all the alterations the new owner made – that broke my heart. Everything changes, that’s the nature of life but memories tied to the heart have a harder time dealing with those changes. Thanks for the memoires.

        Oh and Dennisport is nice, I went to school with kids from the Dennis hamlets. My cousin lived on swan river in Dennisport. Lots of memories there.

      5. milfordstreet Post author

        Same here….I don’t go back to the old places on Boston’s South Shore too much. It is all different. Former fields are now strip malls. Did you ever go for ice cream at a place called Sundae School in Dennisport?…It is still around…and expanded to three locations.

      6. Ana Perry

        No, don’t remember it. It was probably a touristy place, right? We usually went to Friendly’s to avoid the crazys. I’ll see if I can find it next trip. Did you ever eat at a little seafood shack called “Captain Frosty’s” in Dennis? I worked there my summers home from college. They have the best seafood. The clam cakes are to die for.

      7. milfordstreet Post author

        It was a total tourist place…but we were tourists 😀 Capt Frosty’s sounds familiar but we did not eat out much. Our family rented a cottage..Mom cooked and Dad grilled. We swam and spent all our quarters at Funland.

      8. Ana Perry

        Captain frostys is a tourist place, only open during season but I worked there so I knew it well. Its on Rt 6A, a beautiful drive. Somewhat touristy but not nearly as busy as anything on Rt 28. There’s lots of nice beaches, Scargo Tower, the hightest point.

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