New York’s Finest


On the recent NYC Photo Weekend, I wanted a good image of a New York City police officer. It was the last morning and I didn’t have one. I mentioned this to another member of the group and she pointed to this officer walking up our street. We walked over, explained we were a part of a photo seminar and asked if we could take a few photos. He was so nice; even putting on his cap for us. The yellow of the taxi in the background was a bonus.

20 thoughts on “New York’s Finest

  1. Alexandra

    awesome portrait, Chris!! it’s so great you asked him to pose for you and it’s so great he agreed 🙂 it’s not easy to walk up to a stranger and ask for a portrait… good job!! and the yellow in the background is a lovely bonus to the color palette and adds further context to the location 🙂

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Alexandra…I find it is easiest for me to ask for portraits on days that I am really dedicated to photography. Then I am “in the zone”. On days that I am on an outting and happen to make some photos…it does not work. Cheers =)


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