15 thoughts on “Red Trolley

      1. izza ifzaal

        Because my college is finished 😛 & I work now & my office is at walking distance :/

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Ah…I see…What was so special about the bus? (If you don’t mind my asking). Most people here would be happy to just walk to their work. Cheers

      3. izza ifzaal

        I don’t know just I miss looking outside the people, the sky, clouds. .it gives me peace to losen up myself in serenity of nature 🙂

      4. milfordstreet Post author

        You have a wonderful way of looking at bus rides that I think most people here lack. You have a good perspective on things. Cheers =)

      5. izza ifzaal

        It was how I felt like 4 years in college! I use to reserve a window seat for myself and just had ME time for few minutes and it felt great! !
        The picture you posted was perfect! !but making me nostalgic 😂😂

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Yeah…if you check out today’s post, we attended an event at various locations around the city and this was our means of getting around. Cheers


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