Fort McClary

On the way to Ogunquit a couple of weeks ago, I met people from my local photo group at Fort McClary in Kittery, Maine. Here are a few of the images from that shoot. There were a pile of granite blocks scattered at the base of the hill on which the fort sits. We are not sure if they were part of a defensive works or not, but they looked like giant toy blocks.

20 thoughts on “Fort McClary

      1. ssgt leslie

        Cool technic. I learned that when I was attending Wayne State University. And the concept of thirds. Yes it can be. With digital you know instantly. Enjoy. Learn new concepts.

  1. Alexandra

    love how you composed the first one, the eye following the stones up to the house perched on the hill!! you were in the cyclist group? 🙂

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    No, but I wished I was in the cyclist group – lol. Thank you…It is a prodcut of all those composition articles saying to find “leading lines”


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