Buy a Taco, Save the World

Tonight after work, we went into Manchester, New Hampshire for their annual Taco Challenge. Over forty downtown restaurants sell their version of a taco for $2 each. People will line up down the block for some of the treats. We had pulled pork tacos, fish tacos, Cajun chicken tacos, braised short-rib tacos, taco pizza and a blueberry filled crepe. The downtown was filled. The best part is that all of the money from the sales goes to charity with each restaurant choosing a charity. I took these snapshots…trying to buy and eat food while making photos is a bit of a challenge. Cheers =)

21 thoughts on “Buy a Taco, Save the World

  1. Nancy

    Yum in your tum! The tacos looked deliciosa! The puppy was adorable! Fabulous candid shots! Muy Bien! (That’s about all the Spanish I can remember from my high school Spanish classes!) 🙂 🙂

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you Teri! It was great fun. We could have use a good Mariachi band but they are far and few here in NH. Hope all is well with you. Cheers =)

  2. Alexandra

    what a colorful and fun set of photos… wow… and the tacos look quite delish too.. yum 🙂 I have never tried a taco lol … you must have had great time 🙂


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