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Newport Tower

This tower stands in the heart of historic Newport. Nobody is exactly sure what it is. The conventional wisdom is that it is a former windmill with radiocarbon testing dating it back to the late 1600s. Alternative hypotheses, suggest it was built by the Vikings, Medieval Templar Knights, Portuguese explorers and Chinese sailors, to name a few.

Where do you think it came from????

Les Jonquilles

Yesterday you saw the cycling part of the Tour de Jonquilles. Today, I present the flowers and fulfill a request.

Tour de Jonquilles

Last weekend, my wife and I drove down to Newport, Rhode Island for the Tour de Jonquilles. Newport is a seaport town that in the 19th century became the place where the wealthy and powerful in America built summer homes. Currently, they have planted over 750,000 daffodils with a goal of a million. We took a leisurely group ride, touring of the town. Today, photos of the tour and tomorrow, photos of the daffodils.

Monochrome Monday: Engine Company 33 / Ladder Company 15

Boylston Street Fire Station

This fire station, built in 1887, sits on the corner of Boylston and Hereford Streets in Boston’s Back Bay. For a historic look, check out some old photos at:
You’ll see what is now a convention center and shopping plaza was once a rail yard.

Morning in the Orchard

I was up early and took a ride over to an apple orchard in Hollis, NH, hoping the blossoms would be out. They were not, but the light was very nice and the sky was amazing. Enjoy!

Note: This shoot included nearly getting my car stuck in the mud (instead of stuck, it is just mildly covered in mud), an encounter with a wild turkey and trying to out run a tractor spraying the orchard with something or other. Photography…it’s not just a hobby, it’s an adventure. =)

Charles Street Signs

Charles Street is one of my favorite places in Boston, mostly because it feels like a real neighborhood and it has a great vintage look to it. Last week while visiting Boston, I noticed that most of the shops have signs hanging on brackets above their doors. Many depict objects that are associated with the shop’s business. Here are some of my favorites.

Make Way for Duckings – Monochrome vs Color

Ducklings in Monochrome

This sculpture in Boston’s Public Garden commemorates the cherished children’s book by Robert McCloskey. A few times, I’ve seen them wearing special hats. Presumably, these are bonnets from the recent Easter holiday. I made this photo and like it in both color and BW. The color shows the form well, but the color shows the warm light. Do you have a preference?

Ducklings in the Bonnets