Ice Harvest

Ice Harvesting

I visited Sutton, New Hampshire yesterday to witness their annual ice harvest. In the days prior to refrigeration, ice was cut into blocks each winter and stored for use in coolers during the summer. Muster Field Farm, a working farm and rural life museum, uses the ice from this harvest each winter to make ice cream in summer. Over the next few days, I share additional images of the harvest that will give a pretty good idea of how it all worked,

11 thoughts on “Ice Harvest

  1. postcardsfromrussia

    Очень интересное сообщение. С нетерпением жду продолжения. Спасибо за обмен.

  2. coastalcrone

    I missed these post on ice cutting originally but I have enjoyed going back and seeing the process. I like the idea of a working farm/museum. I remember my grandparents having a real ice box. We take so many things for granted. Good series! Much colder than my world. Thanks for the recent visit to my blog.

  3. milfordstreet Post author

    I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed the series and fascinated that you can recall a real ice box. I knew one of my grandfather’s delivered ice on the streets of Boston as a teen during the depression, but this week, I learned my other grandfather spent time in NH cutting ice during the winters as a work program.


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