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Old Mill Door

Old Mill Door

I liked this door on an old mill building in Nashua, NH. The brick and the arched top of the doorway are nice details. It is interesting how the individual boards were installed at an angle with the center being off-set. Personally, I could do without this bit of graffiti; there is not really an artistic feel about it.

One Free Calendar – Claimed

For the past few years, I’ve made a calendar of my favorite photos of the past year as Christmas gifts for family and friends. Four of the photos from the 2015 calendar are featured in this gallery. I had one 2015 calendar left and offered it to the first person who responded requesting it.

Neihtn was the first to do so – Congratulations.

Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star

In my part of the world, we’re entering a challenging time of year for photo blog posts. Unless there is snow, everything is a bit brown or grey. People are outside less and when they are out, they tend to just be out long enough to get from point A to point B. It is more challenging to come up with material to photograph as opposed to July when I can just go out back and make photos of my wife’s gardens or easily find people for a bit of street photography. With that in mind, I began to explore some of the old mill buildings in nearby Nashua, NH.

Christmas Memories

Some Christmas scenes from our home.

Sign Post II

Sign Post II

Last week, I posted Sign Post I which showed the general direction and distance to many famous places from Parkers Maple Barn. There was a some interest in it and how it came to be. This past weekend, I asked about its origins. They had a staff member some years back who did carpentry and built the sign post. The person with whom I spoke also told me about this second sign post in an area that I don’t often visit. It says “hello” in many different languages. He recounted the story of a man from Korea coming into the shop to tell him that while the sign with a greeting in Korean was correct, it was hung upside down. Oh well, we here in New Hampshire try, at least.