14 thoughts on “Canal Tender Boat Bow

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you – I worked on that for a bit trying to get it right. The boat was fun to shoot. I almost hopped on board as nobody was around. Given my lack of any natural sort of grace, my wife and I decided it best if I stayed on dry land.

      1. prior

        yeah I know what you mean because that has happened to me when I straighten some too – but I actually like the slight tilt – it feels natural and you can feel the weight of this vessel – it feels heavier this way – hm
        and ya know, I know there are times when photographers crop and straighter and edit and do all these cool things – but sometimes less is more – anyhow, I am glad you left the tip in – as well as some of the sky…

      2. prior

        wellt hanks for being so open to comments – after I left I was hoping I did not come across the wrong way – because you are such an experienced and talented artist – and well, to receive my thoughts so sweetly just shows also your humility – which is not always the case when folks reach a certain high skill level – so high five to you – and thanks for taking the time to receive and reply to comments – have a nice week!

  1. rickbraveheart

    For the first 18 years of my life I lived along the Erie Canal Christopher. In this post and “The Historic Erie Canal” post you have done a GREAT job of conveying a sense of it and brought back many fond memories. You also have a great eye for capturing details from unique perspectives. Thanks so much.


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