The Rhythm of Cycle Touring

There is a wonderful rhythm to the day when you’re cycle touring. You get quite efficient at packing your panniers in the morning. Then, after a bit of breakfast, you are off for a new place with adventures in between. There is always something to see, explore and/or photograph.

People see the bikes and panniers and ask “How far are you going?”

“Canajoharie by tonight and Albany by Tuesday” you reply

By late afternoon, you find where you’ll stay for the night. You clean up and walk or cycle (no cars on this trip) to a local restaurant for some good food and a beer or two. Then after riding all day, the sleep comes easy. The next day, you repeat with new people, places and adventures.

9 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Cycle Touring

  1. Alexandra

    LOVE this set!! “My ride” shot is my fav… but they all are so beautifully composed with that inviting road ahead of you… there is this sense of freedom in all of them…
    how many days did you spent on the road?

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you – There is something about the freedom of cycle touring. It is a bit funny, you have less travel options because you lack a car but feel so much more free. Touring is all about the road and where it will lead you; the next adventure is just around that bend. We rode about 300 km over 6 days. I’m glad you like the “My Ride” shot. I made that the last day because I did not yet have a photo of my bike all loaded up. That bike is like an old friend. It has been around forever. Do you ride much? Cheers πŸ™‚

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      The other great thing about cycle touring is the food. I tend to not have huge appetites (it weighs me down) but I do get a bit of extra sweets when I’m riding all day. More on that to come.


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