Otter Brook Dam: Before and After

Otter Brook Dam

On our recent group shoot, we stumbled on this dam and recreation area. It was one of those situations where you’re looking for one thing and find another. We entered below the damn and “wandered” up an access road to the top of the damn.

The shot out of the camera was not terrible, but the trees were a bit dark and the overall look was somewhat flat. (See below for the original shot). The instructor showed us how he edited it and he made it look a bit other worldly. I wanted the more realistic shot that you see above.

Otter Brook Dam - Original

To enhance the photo, the following changes were made using Lightroom:
– The photo was straightened (but not cropped)
– The overall exposure and contrast were increased
– Highlights was decreased to -99 (almost all the way down)
– Clarity and vibrance were increased
– Saturation was increased

10 thoughts on “Otter Brook Dam: Before and After

  1. John M

    Looks to me like you did a great job of fine tuning the image to make it look more like what you saw with the naked eye. I’m all for that, since you can’t always get your exposure just right when you’re taking the photo. These days there does seem to be a tendency to over-process photos so that they wind up looking otherworldly, as you noted. I guess there’s room for that, but it’s closer to photography as art rather than photography as documenting what you see.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Funny you should mention the “otherworldly” look. For tomorrow, in addition to my edited version of a photo plus the original I have another that goives it a Lord of the Rings feel. It’s not really my thing but something interesting to show.

      Thank you for the jice words about my edits – I try. In a perfect world, I’d love to go back to a place to make photos when the light and weather are perfect, but this is seldom possible.

  2. prior

    I like that you gave us realistic and not other worldly – ha! and I always love seeing the originals when edits are made. and by the way – one of my favorite parts – besides the great depth – well it is the cloud – it almost looks like smoke coming out and adds a nice feel….

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you – I’m glad people are enjoying seeing the edits. You’re right; the cloud does resemble a puff of smoke. I hadn’t noticed that before.

      1. prior

        :0) – and I think it shows how sometimes some “fresh eyes” can point stuff out – and is another fun part about blogging….. have a good day sir!

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